Our Focus is Speed to Profit

Our first task in engaging in any new project is to identify realistic methods to quickly achieve profitability. Once we have stabilized a company, we seek out new opportunity areas and craft a customized plan to realize new revenue streams.

Most firms talk about speed to market. Our focus is speed to profit. We minimize the time between having a great idea and when that great idea produces positive cash flow.

Profitability comes from amazing products that excite customers and are branded, designed, positioned, priced, manufactured, timed, and placed to generate profits.  That’s where HNP comes in. We build, organize, coach, and lead multi-functional product development and process improvement teams that include Marketing, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Quality, Sales, Service, IT, and Finance.

Is this a big deal? Absolutely. Because products designed to improve speed to profit:

  • • Arrive at market with clearly differentiated features and benefits
  • • Engage and excite your customers
  • • Reward your stakeholders
  • • Enjoy lower service and warranty costs
  • • Avoid the negative impact of poor quality on reputation and brand
  • • Deliver profit quickly


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