Case Studies:

Our Competition is Killing Us

Overview – Client is a privately held, family owned retail brand and “Made in USA” manufacturer of durable consumer housewares with a lifestyle/fun/fashion focus. Distributes through retail outlets, company stores, and online sales. Annual Sales were $75M at start of our engagement.

Primary Issues – The core product was designed by the previous company owners and hadn’t been updated in decades. It was rapidly losing market share and sales to off-shore imitators who were selling clone knock-offs at 50% of client pricing in discount channels that tarnished the client’s brand (e.g. Wal-Mart). Client held no patent or trade dress protection and couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Statement of Work –

  • Develop upgraded design language and organize new Product Portfolio with 5 yearRoadmap.
  • Redefine Channel Strategy, including distribution, online, and company stores.
  • Rapidly develop and introduce new product portfolio at defined revenue and GP targets.
  • Refine website and online sales process to increase sales at higher margins.


Filled functional gaps in Client roster, organized team, developed project charter, and managed project scope, execution, schedule, budget, and financial reviews with ownership

Implemented Sales & Operations planning to align Sales forecasts to factory planning

Implemented major new-to-client Mfg process technologies and practices

Rebuilt end-to-end supply chain with qualified suppliers and favorable contracts

Redeveloped and qualified deficient internal Mfg processes to industry standards


Delivered eight new products to market within 21 months – managing as many as five(5) discrete NPD projects concurrently – with ROI >750%

Increased annual revenue 37% ($28MM)

Exceeded GP target by 6% for entire suite of new products

Applied for six(6) patents to USPTO

Averaged 7 months from idea to profit for each product in the new portfolio


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