Our Process Delivers Big Results

HNP takes you from ‘potential to profit’ with a complete, disciplined Managed Risk NPD™ process that improves focus, accelerates delivery, and maximizes ROI.

We apply our product development and process improvement framework in a balanced manner that results in both long and short term new product investment ideas with a focus on a reliable and diverse stream of revenue and profit.

Our strength is delivering great results. We adapt and apply our process broadly across many markets and industries. Our proprietary Managed Risk NPD™ process is built on rock-solid planning, rigorous execution, and relentless follow up.

We repeatedly test your product portfolio ideas for strategic, technical, operational, and financial soundness as we lead you from potential to profit. Our process manages risk via incremental financial and resource commitments. At HNP we:

  • • Manage Brands
  • • Build Product Portfolios
  • • Research Markets
  • • Develop Channel Strategies
  • • Manage NPD Programs
  • • Define Requirements & Specs
  • • Develop Concepts
  • • Build Alpha & Beta Prototypes
  • • Create IP Assets
  • • Acquire Technologies
  • • Engineer Designs
  • • Design & Build Manufacturing Lines
  • • Implement Lean Mfg Processes
  • • Integrate Quality Systems
  • • Test Product Integrity
  • • Secure Agency Certifications
  • • Design and Manage Supply Chains
  • • Analyze Financial Metrics

First, we fill in the gaps in your product development team roster. Next, we organize the team. Every team member will know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and why it’s important. Finally, we execute the project and lead the team across the goal line.


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