Case Studies:

Update Our Aging Product Portfolio

Overview –  A $50MM privately-held B2B products manufacturer needed to refresh an aging fleet of complex industrial equipment

Primary Issues –Without a defined product development process, the company’s previous efforts at developing new products were slow, expensive, didn’t meet customer needs, and resulted in many Engineering changes after launch. For example, a key product had been recently launched that was twice the maximum weight requirement which shrank sales margin, complicated shipping and installation, and increased operating costs.

Statement of Work –

  • Develop 5-Year Portfolio roadmap with identified enabling technologies.
  • Institute a defined product development process.
  • Train and coach staff through process.
  • Develop and launch products for years 1 and 2 of Portfolio Roadmap.


Filled gaps in client’s roster

Customized HNP’s Managed Risk NPD™ process to suit client organization

Organized, trained, coached, and led client NPD team

Implemented best practices in Requirements Planning, Change Management, and Product Engineering

Redeveloped and qualified several deficient internal Mfg processes to industry standards


Redesigned overweight product and resolved shipping and installation issues

Produced a 5-Year integrated Product-Technology Roadmap

Developed two new product families that met all KPI’s, CTQ’s, and financial targets

Increased company annual revenue from $50MM to $68MM at required GP and OP

Client can now deliver profitable new products without help from HNP


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