HNP Accelerates Revenue and Profit

HNP identifies and deploys new product portfolios and improves operating efficiencies.

We rapidly build compelling and profitable brands.

We apply our network of proven business minds to your product and operational challenges, and yield a fertile environment in which to grow your business.

We inspire calculated change that generates profit.

HNP is a leading business revenue and profit accelerator that manages event-driven new product development. We support US manufacturers who need to rapidly and inexpensively improve their product portfolios and correct operational issues. We deliver managed-risk product innovation and business process improvement. 

The keys to our approach are process, network, and speed to profit. Companies in our universe realize a need for change, but lack the internal resources or ‘know how’ to execute. We engage and organize your entire business team, fill in the gaps in your roster, and manage the end-to-end new product development lifecycle from “potential to profit”.

Unlike most product development firms, we’re not limited to ‘Strategic Planning’, ‘Branding’, or ‘Design’. We understand how your whole business enterprise works. We drive all your business metrics, KPI’s, and CTQ’s.

Our experience spans a broad spectrum of industrial and consumer markets, products, technologies, manufacturing processes, and supply chains.

We are engaged by business owners, private equity groups, Boards of Directors, and CEO’s who are dissatisfied with the status quo of product development and process improvement in their companies.

We create practical product solutions that quickly deliver positive cash flow to your bottom line.


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